Windenergyplant Hardthäuser Wald


The wind farm not far from the town of Widdern in the district of Heilbronn (Baden-Württemberg) is a project in the classic forest location. After we were able to erect the foundations despite logistically challenging conditions, the turbines were completed within the group by the tower construction. Thus it was possible to handle the erection of the 14 turbines of the type E-115 for Enercon with a low number of interfaces. With our services we created the basis:

  • earthworks & excavation as well as soil replacement
  • reprofiling of the terrain
  • foundation construction (incl. formwork, reinforcement & concrete work)
  • placing the installation parts provided by the client


DTZ Betonbau GmbH
Type of performance
Concete work
Earthworks & civil engineering
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