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For centuries wind has been bringing people forward. In the past, it helped to cross oceans, grind grain and drain areas. Today it plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly power supply.

On-shore wind turbines already produce cheaper electricity than new power plant constructions generating energy from fossil sources, have an excellent ecological balance sheet and are an export bestseller for German industry. The branch also offers thousands of people a future-oriented workplace, including us as an installation service team.

Sustainability has further dimensions besides regenerative energy production. One of them is the idea of recycling...

...and so for us in our projects the aspiration to preserve existing substance instead of reproducing it. This is essential for structural elements or constructions made of concrete and reinforcement if their visual appearance or function is affected by the manufacture, use or exposure to concrete-damaging mediums.

Concrete restoration includes technologies to renew or extend the durability of (reinforced) concrete. In this context, the highest demands are placed on the expertise and special material knowledge of the people carrying out the work, wich distinguishes refurbishment from comparable work in the field of creating new (reinforced) concrete.

Installation of wind energy plants

While DTZ Betonbau GmbH creates the foundation and with it the basis of your wind turbine, we complete the individual parts supplied by the manufacturer to form a functioning power plant for regenerative electricity.

  • storage space & logistics planning and coordination (incl. large crane work)
  • pre-assembly & assembly of steel, reinforced concrete & hybrid towers in segmental structure
  • assembly & installation of turbine house as well as hub & rotor blades
  • installation & cabling of the wind turbine's e-module according to manufacturer's specifications
  • drawing in of steel tension litz wires and coordination of the bracing of individual tower segments

The main purpose of the tower of the plant is to reach the necessary height to take advantage of the kinetic energy of the wind. However, the heart of any wind turbine is the turbine house and its components. Only through the interaction of rotor and stator the mechanical rotation of the wheel gets transformed into electrical energy. In technical jargon, this construction is simply called a turbine.

Refurbishment of wind energy plants

We can't pull the ravages of time - but put a muzzle on him when he starts to eat away your investment in a green future.

To counteract the failure of your wind farms due to structural defects, we offer you a wide range of maintenance and refurbishment measures. Whether high-voltage mast, transformation station or wind turbine, we adapt to your existing situation and deliver customized solutions.

  • Angle sealing on steel tower foundations
  • Sealing and renewal of connection joints on steel tower foundations
  • Joint sealing
  • Crack sealing through coating
  • Crack injection by compression technique
  • Reprofiling of concrete damages
  • Core drillings in reinforced concrete to verify the resistance to pressure
  • Sleeve installation for the protection of existing reinforced concrete segments
  • Casting with high-strength concrete

Our specialists have been working continuously since 2018 on the further development of techniques that enable us to carry out work at exposed heights of over 100 meters. Our teams can already look back on over 50 successfully renovated Enercon GmbH wind energy plants at 13 locations - and the trend is rising.

Large component exchange

We have expanded our range of services in 2022 to include the replacement of large components.

Large components such as rotor hubs, rotor blades and generators are valuable parts of a wind turbine. If they fail or are even damaged by external factors, the only option is often the complete replacement of the individual large components.

Due to its complexity, the replacement of large components is a challenging task that requires a high degree of organization in the numerous work steps involved.

  • Disassembly of the large component
  • Assembly of the renewed component

Due to our many years of experience, we are able to complete the exchange of large components in the shortest possible time, despite the high requirements.

Deconstruction of wind energy plants

Have you also been a wind energy pioneer and took your chance in the early 2000s? Have you invested privately or jointly in a promising future? If yes, you are most likely involved in one of the 28,000 German wind turbines that will reach their intended lifetime in the future. On the one hand, this raises the question of the economic operation of the plant after it is no longer covered by the EEG compensation. On the other hand, the large components show more frequent damage. Not at least for this reason, you potentially have to face the challenge of disassembling your wind turbine.

  • disassembly of rotor blades & turbine house
  • deconstruction of steel & concrete tower segments

We would also like to organize the professional disposal of all components or the logistics in the course of a further use of the system. We are always open to new ideas. You can find more about cooperation possibilities under Network & Perspective.

The deconstruction and removal of the foundation can be realized within our group of companies, as DTZ Betonbau GmbH already has experience in this field.

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