Quality & Sustainability

During the realization of our work and projects we have a high ambition regarding to quality and sustainability towards ourselves and others. We are always interested in a fast project implementation. Therefore, we spare no effort to secure our success model with a long-term training and investment policy.

Moreover, we have been commited to solar energy for years. Since 2010, we have been using both roofs and open areas at the company site to generate green electricity.

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Would you like to see for yourself how we put our sustainability and quality promise into practice? Go ahead ...

Our quality- your benefit

Quality can have many faces. The quality of the materials used, the durability of the work created or the fulfillment of external expectations.

For us as a service providing group, quality begins with our demands on ourselves. However, it is not just the end product that counts - on the contrary, the way there is decisive. From the time of preparing the offer to the completion of the respective service, you can be sure that your needs will be met in perfect satisfaction.


As we emerge from a certified group of companies, it can be taken for granted that we apply the standards of ISO 9001 and 14001. Besides the standardization of daily business processes, this implies above all the compliance with environmental and social standards. In the future, the DTZ companies will also be certified in order to formally contribute to the achievement of the management and environmental protection goals we have set ourselves.


One of the central goals of the construction industry is to ensure the long-term value of the work provided. In order to achieve this target, a prequalification program requests...

  • qualified personnel for the particular accomplishment
  • professional use of material in relevant measures
  • current proof of membership (e.g. Handwerks- oder Industrie- und Handelskammer)
  • updated certificate of harmlessness (e.g. social security funds, tax office)

We already meet these requirements for various disciplines. For the moment, we are, not yet prequalified. Nevertheless, you can get an idea of our reliability from our numerous project references.


Depending on the focused business areas of the individual companies, we are members of the Industrie- und Handelskammer Halle-Dessau or the Handwerkskammer Halle (Saale). You can find proof for the particular companies in our download area.

This helps us to always be up to date with the latest developments in the field of training and further education. In addition, we are officially authorized to provide services in the registered fields and to prove our qualifications.


Once more walking. Consume less animal based products. Save water. It is up to each and every one of us to comply with these aspects of sustainability. However, as a group of companies active in the project business, we can only implement them to a very limited extent. As a company, we rather have to pay attention to those areas of sustainability, which we can actively influence. For us, this includes the following aspects:

Social responsibility

All colleagues who identify with our group philosophy and who work with us in the same direction are fairly and appropriately paid. Additional support is provided by membership of SOKA-Bau, a German organisation to ensure different employees interests, such as:

  • possibility of taking over the vacation claim when changing employers
  • protection of working time accounts in case of insolvency
  • additional retirement savings

As an employer, we also participate in a company pension scheme. In addition to monetary benefits, we also offer our colleagues the opportunity...

  • individual apprenticeship and further education programs
  • technical training and other qualifications
  • laboratory medical examinations

...to be able to carry out their daily work safely and efficiently. In addition, we try to create a flexible working environment for our employees so that they can combine their private and professional lives in the long term.

Ecological awareness

The expansion of onshore wind energy was and is the guarantee for the success of our company. For a long time it ensured that our teams were operating at full capacity. Unfortunately, this trend has been declining for years, which has led us to return to the classic building trades. Nevertheless, we are still acting from the belief that we can achieve something for the green energy turnaround in Germany and Europe by building and maintaining wind plants.

We are equally convinced of the ecologically preservation of the landscape at the company's location. We have almost completely handed it over to the shaggy four-legged friends. Widely known as "Chef's Kühe" (means: bosses cows) or "die Schnuffis" (means: some kind of a sweet looking animal), they do their job: independently and nearly noiselessly - almost like us.

Economic stability

For years, the decisive element of our investment planning has not been rapid economic success, but a sustainable strategy for growth and value preservation.

This means that investments have been made in both technical and digital equipment for construction sites, the workshop and administration, without disregarding the need to secure liquidity.

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