Assembly of steel & concrete
Rehabilitation from HDW-blasting to sprayed concrete
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Concrete work & pre-fabricated parts
Building construction & civil engineering in industrial style
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Independent workshop & car service
Mower & irrigation
Construction equipment & rentals
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Facade works
Regional structural, civil & structural engineering
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DTZ Gruppe

As a medium-sized group of companies, we are active regionally, throughout Germany and in neighboring European countries. We can always rely on our experienced and excellently trained team to implement innovative construction projects and special solutions. Our main business field is the construction of wind energy plants from foundation to tower and plant assembly. In addition, we also implement classic building trades and refurbishments.

The construction and other services are largely realized with our own technology. This allows us to guarantee a smooth project flow. We realize projects for public, commercial and private clients and customers. The same applies to our independent workshop. In order to be able to cover every area of competence in an ideal way, our group is divided into the above mentioned companies.

Are you looking for professional change, further development or even self-realization in Germany? Then we are looking for you!
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Have we met before? ... yes but in a different way

We have emerged from the BEZ Gruppe, which is already established on the market, and Bauservice Zahna GmbH, which will have a new appearance in the future due to various follow-up agreements.

You can find more about our origins, what motivates us and how far we have come thanks to you under Philosophy & Milestones. Let us continue to preserve the existing and create new achievements in the future! Contact us! Challenge us!

We let you participate in our past to look together into the future...
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Data & Facts

Our everyday work is full of interesting aspects. Every moment we are exposed to a real overload of information. It deals with workloads, times, prices, costs, revenues, quotas, briefly said: whether workshop, office or construction site - numbers determine our daily actions. To give you a feeling for who you are dealing with, here is a small selection of numbers about us.

  • we coordinate more than 15 large crane operations per year
  • we are using over 115,000 cbm of concrete per year at our peak times
  • we change over 1,000 wheels per year
  • we are working on whole 24,807 sqm of storage, workshop & office space at our headquarter
  • we use more than 100 mobile devices to coordinate our business
You prefer the infos about us in written and print version? Just download the most relevant data.
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