The slogan "Strong in the group" is reflected in our actions. This does not mean the occasional chat over a cup of coffee. "The group" means more to us, for example:

  • motivated colleagues
  • qualified technical and management personnel from theory & practice
  • a family grown over the years
  • a piece at home at work - compatibility of work & family

Organized in individual companies, called teams here, each of them has specialized and thus developed its own wealth of experience.

Flat hierarchies enables us to act with few interfaces and on our own responsibility without the lack of clear structures. If you want to be part of one of these teams, then apply now for one of our current job offers initiative application or send us an initiative application!

Team green

Under the management of René Rudloff, the team of DTZ Montage & Sanierung GmbH works continuously on the implementation of projects related to assembling and restoration. For this reason, the staff is divided into two divisions working in parallel.

Each of them is coordinated by a project management, which can rely on the personnel at the construction sites. Additional tasks are purchasing and accounting. Our commercial colleagues are characterized by a wide range of qualifications.

Many of them are career changers from other professions, because neither the wind turbine technician nor the concrete restorator is a classic apprenticeship. This initially leads to a high training demand, but once the necessary qualifications have been attained, it provides the ability to think "out of the box".

Due to this diverse input, we in the "green fraction" are able to provide a wide range of services in the most diverse projects.

  • Concrete restorator
  • Installation technicians for wind turbines
  • Foremen, team leaders & site supervisors
  • Accounting & Purchasing
  • Calculation & Accounting
  • Construction & Project Management

Team yellow

The business of our DTZ Betonbau GmbH is managed by Martin Oberfranz. His theoretical and practical experience in various disciplines of the construction branch enables him to keep track of the construction processes as well as the legal and business management framework.

We can always rely on our competent construction management, invoicing and accounting. It enables us to employ staff in different professional fields. This is not least due to the fact that we know more about the construction of foundations for wind turbines than anyone else.

Our team always helps us to achieve high-performance project implementation and continuous concrete paving, regardless of the location.

Thanks to our business activities throughout Germany and neighbouring European countries and the high flexibility and readiness for installation of our colleagues, it has been possible to build up and maintain a permanent staff. Take a look for yourself at what we as the yellow team are able to achieve and what we have already been able to implement.

  • construction worker & assistant construction staff
  • bricklayer & concrete worker
  • foreman
  • calculation & invoicing
  • accounting & construction management

Team blue

Head of our DTZ Technik GmbH is the machinery technician Tobias Flemming, he has many years of experience in different areas of the automotive industry. However, we usually jointly elaborate in order to offer you the best service solutions for your vehicles and equipment. Our team is characterized by experienced specialists.

In the past business years, there has been a continuous but sustainable growth in personnel, so that we now have employees with versatile qualifications at our disposal.

All mechanics are also trained as Merlo service technicians. This wide range of skills enables us to work in a variety of ways and underlines our claim to solve any technical challenge without creating additional effort for you, as our customer.

You can find out exactly what "Team blue" can do at Services DTZ Technik.

  • mechanics for agricultural & construction machinery technology
  • coachbuilder
  • automotive mechatronics
  • customer service & disposition
  • accounting

Team red

In addition to the management, Michael Richter is also responsible for calculation and construction management at DTZ Bauservice GmbH. His more than 20 years of experience in classical building construction, civil engineering and structural engineering help us to handle projects with a solid and considered approach.

In addition to the work preparation in the office, our team is divided into foreman, skilled worker and assistent forces. Thereby we can rely on the practical experience of our employees.

Due to our strong regional integration, we have been able to employ all staff at project locations in and around the district of Wittenberg. So far, no one has had to carry out any assembly work.

Each one of us has special qualities and thus contributes his or her personal part to the success of the project. Here you can find out where our strengths lie and what we have already implemented under Projects.

  • building construction worker & construction helper
  • bricklayer & concrete worker
  • foreman
  • work preparation & accounting
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