DTZ Betonbau GmbH

For the construction of walls, foundations, ceilings or flat surfaces made of reinforced concrete, an enormous amount of know-how is required. The materials used must be specially selected and correctly processed for each application.

With over 100,000 cbm of built-in concrete per year, our team has perfected its skills in over 20 years of hard work. Due to our team's claim to realize projects largely on their own, we also serve other classic construction disciplines.

concrete construction

Concrete is ideal for creating a solid foundation as well as for the construction of self-supporting structures. We have particularly considerable experience in the production of:

  • in-situ concrete foundations & base plates
  • production of bulky components (including formwork & reinforcement work)
  • setting of prefabricated concrete elements (incl. coordination of production)

Thanks to close business relationships with numerous suppliers of ready-mixed concrete throughout Germany, we can always pave exactly the material that meets your requirements.

building construction and structural engineering

The basis for our success in the construction of foundations for wind energy plants and transformer stations is our many years of experience in classical structural and civil engineering.

  • Hall construction
  • Masonry work
  • Fair-faced concrete walls
  • filigree ceilings
  • Installation of insulation & screed

We have never completely abandoned these crafts and were therefore able to implement additional projects in the above areas.

civil engineering

To complete our range of services, we also provide civil engineering services.

  • Creation of base layers (crane parking areas & temporary access roads)
  • Paving work also for industrially used areas
  • Placement of precast concrete elements
  • Installation and alignment of supporting structures

More and more often, however, civil engineering is the main service in our projects. The construction of transformer stations is becoming more and more important.


With the necessary mechanical equipment for earthworks, we create space and prepare the subsoil for the respective construction project. This is often seamlessly followed by our other services.

  • excavation
  • ground exchange & backfilling
  • professional disposal of earth materials
  • production of base courses (crane sites & temporary access roads)
  • paving work also for industrially used areas

We are also familiar with the following techniques for lowering the groundwater level in many places:

  • filter lances
  • deep wells
  • horizontal drainage

If our own resources are not sufficient, we will consider our good business relations and will come back to one of our always valued subcontractors.

Deconstruction of components and buildings

In addition to DTZ Montage & Sanierung GmbH, which among other things dismantles large components, we have experience in the deconstruction of reinforced concrete:

  • foundations for wind energy plants & substations
  • wall & ceiling constructions
  • ducts &channels

In this regard we are able to realize the following works for you:

  • demolition & blasting
  • salvage, loading & transport
  • sampling & professional disposal

In view of the large number of foundations for wind turbines that we have constructed, we also see the need for deconstruction in the future as part of a possible repowering program.

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