Philosophy & Milestones

As a result of a sustainable corporate culture based on personal initiative, we have a lot of individual competence in our teams. Due to constant investments, the different companies also have a considerable pool of resources at their disposal. Nevertheless, we can only meet our claim to provide a wide range of services together. This is often connected to high demands of communication and coordination. At the same time, however, this self-imposed goal ensures a strong and crisis-proof cooperation.

DTZ - who we are & what makes us special

What is exactly hiding behind "DTZ"? It might be possible to explain it this way...

Our ultimate goal is to create increased value for everyone. Starting with you as a customer or client, through our employees to the supplier or subcontractor. Over the years we have learned to see ourselves as a service provider, in german "Dienstleister". We have grown together to become a huge team as well as remaining loyal to our company site in Zahna. For this reason, it is only logical to present ourselves under the name "Dienstleistungs Team Zahna", which in german means "to be strong in the group".

Despite our projects throughout Germany and in the neighbouring european countries, we still have regional roots. We mainly meet this demand through our DTZ Technik GmbH and DTZ Bauservice GmbH. Therefore it was important to us to carry the home town of the company in our name, without it being too much of a priority for the nationally operating companies DTZ Betonbau GmbH and DTZ Montage & Sanierung GmbH.

A dynamic group that never stops proceeding

"Strong in the group" is not just any slogan, but a fundamental element of our actions. The same applies to the awareness that life consists of changes, for example markets and consequently companies change. This is exactly why we are organized in the above mentioned companies. This has advantages:

  • Diversification & Specialization
  • Development of new business fields
  • availability of resources in line with requirements

In this way, we have gained a great deal of experience in a wide variety of professions over the past few years, qualities that we will continue to advance in the future. You can find out which ventures we have already realized under Projects.

Milestones - where we come from

Our enterprise has produced many business fields, logos and company names in the past years. Therefore we are now bringing light into the unknown and looking back on a successful past.

End of 1998

First Foundation for wind turbine

Near Dorna, a village located about 25 km from the current company site, employees of our later team build the first foundation for a wind turbine.

This event marked the beginning of a continuing success story, which was transferred to other trades within a few decades.

01. 2010

Foundation BEZ GmbH

With the spin-off from an existing construction company, BEZ GmbH literally represents the foundation of the later growing group of companies. In the early days, the business lives above all from delivering to the clients what is promised in view of the good cooperation of the past years.

The actual recipe for success was the perfect combination of business and construction know-how of those who went out with them. The clou here is that the spin-off took place at the height of wind energy expansion in Germany and was integrated into a broad field of sustainably grown business relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

10. 2010

Foundation Bauservice Zahna GmbH

The origin of our success is the classical construction sector. Due to our activities in the regional environment, experiences, resources and business relations have grown up, which accompany us until today. To strengthen these roots even more, we took over a small building construction company and its employees as an occasion to found Bauservice Zahna GmbH.

With this company we are able to offer all classical civil engineering and structural engineering services. The clear focus is on the regional orientation of our work. In addition, we also accompany private customers through the process of construction. Due to the specialization, this was hardly the case before.

01. 2012

Foundation BEZ Montage GmbH

From now on, things are going straight to the sky with BEZ Montage GmbH. We erect various types of towers in segmental construction at exponentiated heights. No matter whether steel, concrete or a combination of both are stacked on top of each other. Securely assembled and braced, one unit is installed on top of the next.

This field of business is accompanied by increased training and the need for protective equipment, which means that we are increasingly active in these areas in order to provide each of our colleagues with optimum working conditions, even at great heights. In this way, we also succeed in "getting this trade up and running" with our own employees.

01. 2012

Foundation BEZ Technik GmbH

On a modern construction site, a variety of machines and technical equipment are used. We have taken this as an impulse to establish our own technical department.

It was initially planned for the maintenance of equipment as well as our steadily growing company car and commercial vehicle fleet. At that time, no one could have guessed what new fields of business she would conquer.

08. 2014

Starting with plant assembly

After the tower, we now also include the assembly of the turbine itself in our portfolio. This means that BEZ Montage GmbH is now able not only to erect all parts from the top edge of the foundation to the hub height, but also to assemble the actual core, in which the energy conversion takes place, aswell as the rotor blades.

This includes components around the nacelle, also known as the hub, generator (rotor and stator), and rotor blades. We are thus a considerable step closer to completing the plant structure.

12. 2016

Starting with pland cabeling

By enhancing our team with trained industrial electricians and the training of further employees, the implementation of cabling services on wind turbines has become possible.

Thus, it is once again possible for BEZ Montage GmbH to implement another field of the construction of wind farms in its own performance. From the client's point of view, this is again accompanied by a reduction of interfaces during construction. So it is possible to increase in efficiency even before the wind farm is operational.

02. 2018

Starting with motoristics and irrigation

BEZ Technik GmbH becomes an authorized dealer of the company Husqvarna. From now on the distribution of motoristic articles and automowers is possible. In order to fully equip your garden, we plan, install and maintain your irrigation system including control technology from now on.

With these innovations, we at BEZ Technik GmbH are creating a further area of expertise in order to be able to offer you optimum service in this field in the future as well.

End of 2019

Decosion regarding company succession

Planned long in advance and not rushed, but clear and emphatic: the decision to pass the fate of the individual companies into new hands. After many interesting but exhausting years, the founders Matthias Hanke and René Zachey are gradually taking their leave from a busy business activity. Even though the decision may not have been taken lightly, it is already clear that new faces bring a breath of fresh air.

The new managing directors are old acquaintances, as they were 100% employees of the "old" companies. But they were able to gradually acquire the necessary skills in the various trades and will presumably give 150% in the future for a successful start of the "new" group of companies. Not at least, it is now up to them to reconcile all interests.

04. 2020

Foundation of the multicolored four

Due to a succession issue at the shareholder level of the existing BEZ companies, the new DTZ Group is founded. It consists of four limited liability companies, each of which operates in separate business areas.

Since these are largely the same as those of the BEZ Group, the personnel, technical resources and color scheme of the old companies are adopted as far as possible, so that neither experience nor business relationships will be lost.

05. 2020

Starting with concrete restoration

Following numerous refurbishment projects in recent years, this division is now to make a greater contribution to the company's success.

For this purpose, several concrete restoration experts as well as a specialist planner and construction manager have been recruited just for this trade. In addition, we have been able to recruit new staff for the accounting an billing departments.

With a healthy mix of existing and new personnel resources, it will thus be possible to realize complex projects with various refurbishment and maintenance measures in the future.

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